Dmitri Cherniak on Siebren Versteeg: For a Limited Time

In his latest project, For a Limited Time, Versteeg illustrates the fleeting nature of our collective interests and the way they shape our culture through his use of computer algorithms to generate collages from trending stories.

These collages, which exist for only a limited time, are reflective of our society’s accomplishments and it’s shortfalls, which despite their grandeur are ultimately transient.

What makes this project special to me is that Versteeg’s algorithm creates unexpected and often humorous combinations of imagery that subvert our expectations. The project's ephemeral nature adds a layer of playfulness and unpredictability, with each work existing for only a brief moment before being replaced by the next. This playfulness is a hallmark of Versteeg's style and a testament to Versteeg's ability to infuse his automated art with a sense of humor, even as he invites us to reflect on deeper issues such as the impact of social media on our culture and the impermanence of our collective interests.

By using blockchain technology to enable collectors to claim these transient works of art, Versteeg adds another layer to the project, emphasizing the importance of recording and preserving the fleeting moments that make up our cultural zeitgeist.

About the Author

Dmitri Cherniak is a Canadian artist and coder based in New York City. His algorithmic art has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world. Above all else, Dmitri considers automation as his artistic medium.