Deborah kass: feel good spins for feel bad times - One Sheet


  • Who: Deborah Kass,

  • What: “feel good spins for feel bad times”
  • When: January to April 2024
  • Where: Online sale exclusively on

  • Collection: 250 triptychs

CONCEPT: Slot Machine by Deborah Kass-ino

  • This is Deborah Kass’ first foray into digital art. The algorithm that reconfigures Kass’ text is costumed as a slot machine recalling the nostalgic glitz and glamor of Los Vegas’s heyday. Each generated triptych will be minted into the gambler’s wallet. To sweeten the deal, in the tradition of the gambling world, each spin could earn the collector special prizes. Purchase a Kass-ino Coin and receive up to spins in the machine to generate a Deborah Kass original artwork!


  • Format: NFT

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

  • Token Standard: ERC-721

  • Operator Filter Registry: enabled for resale royalties
    • All works can be resold

    • Resale royalty is set at 10%


  • All works are the sole intellectual property of Deborah Kass

  • Prints: collectors are granted the right to print their works for personal use
    • Printed works are strictly for non-commercial use only

    • Printed works cannot be resold