Emily Xie reflects on Generations

In Generations, Anna Lucia collaborates with the local quilters of Gee’s Bend to merge the distinctive history and aesthetic of an Alabama-born textile tradition with the dynamic potential of generative art.

As a fellow artist who is similarly inspired by textiles, I admire Lucia's bold yet respectful approach, which digitally reinterprets the cultural legacies of Louisiana Bendolph, Loretta Petway Bennett, Lucy Pettway, and Essie Bendolph Pettway. Through the usage of bright colors, bold geometries, and an improvisational element seeded by generative randomness, Generations beautifully embodies the African influences that make Gee’s Bend quilts so strikingly unique. At the same time, rigid geometric patches of gradient continually highlight the project’s modern medium of code throughout the series.

Through Lucia’s keen understanding of the algorithmic elements at play in Gee’s Bend quilts, Generations presents a body of work that honors the past while forging a new path forward on the blockchain.

About the Author

Emily Xie is a visual artist & engineer living in NYC. She works with algorithms to create lifelike textures and forms. Her creative coding work is collected and shown internationally. Most recently, she has exhibited at Kunsthalle Zürich, Unit London, the Armory Show, Bright Moments, Art Blocks Curated Season 6, Vellum LA x Artsy.net, Times Square, the StandardVision Artist Showcase throughout the city of Los Angeles.