Geometry XII is part of 22 original works that comprise the Geometries collection by iconic American artist Frank Stella.


Geometry XII Editions:100
File Types:glb, jpg, mov, mp4, png, stl, usdz, gif
Token Standard:ERC-721
Contract Address:0xd4a6669...594e

Frank Stella is one of the most dominant and influential figures in painting and sculpture.

In 1970, at the age of 34, Stella became the youngest artist to receive a full-scale retrospective at MOMA. During his nearly 60-year career, Stella has explored the possibilities of abstract art in paintings, sculpture, and prints that push the conventions of each medium beyond its assumed limits. He's been named by The Whitney Museum of American Art as “America’s most important living artist.” Geometries is his first NFT.



Frank Stella’s three dimensional works begin as digital geometries built in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and these geometries are further printed or prototyped as physical objects.


The NFT linked to each Geometry will be transferred over to you. The NFT affirms you are the owner of the Geometry and includes the following formats: JPG / MP4 (for image / video viewing or display), SLS (for 3D printing), GLB (for model manipulation or use in Virtual Reality / Metaverse), USDZ (for Augmented Reality viewing).


Put simply, in addition to the right to personally display your Geometry, you receive a license to create derivatives of the Geometry and 3D print the Geometry. These rights are subject to certain terms and conditions. For the complete terms and conditions of ownership and rights, please see the Collector’s Rights here.