Feel Good Spins - An Exhibition Statement by Michael Dayton Hermann

Deborah Kass’ work has always been as subversive as it is sublime. Her most recent project, feel good spins for feel bad times, is no exception as she invites viewers to join her at the “Kass-ino” to direct an algorithm to whimsically appropriate and transform her own works into generative digital triptychs.

Instead of taking aim at the history of art, feel good spins for feel bad times appropriates Deborah’s own work and fashions it into delightfully engaging reflections on originality and the role of the artist in an era of advanced and rapidly evolving technology.

As is the case with so much of Deborah’s work, there is an aesthetic delight and optimism in these digital works that draws you in. The work also generously invites you to see the world from a unique perspective with its conceptual depth slowly leading you down an unexpected path.

Deborah’s first foray into generative digital works is a natural extension of her practice which has long pushed boundaries and disrupted established systems.

About the Author

Michael Dayton Hermann is Director of Licensing, Marketing, and Sales of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.