Cornelius Dämmrich Reflects on Nascent by Ash Thorp

I don't want to learn what an art piece means, I don't want to look at something that needs a booklet and fancy words to make me feel something. In this case, I feel happiness through the art alone. There's all the right "toolmarks" that speak to me more than a thousand words could. I see the film grain, the subsurface scattering spreading light inside of pill shells and deliberately placed compression artifacts filling the void. It makes me feel, see and think a million good things. That's why I love Ash's art.

About the Author

Cornelius Dämmrich is a digital artist proficient in both still and animation, known for his highly detailed artwork and having worked across a range of sectors including space exploration, music, and gaming. He has translated complex scientific concepts into accessible visualizations at NASA and contributed digital artwork for Atlantic Records, Grimlore Games and many others.

Notably, Dämmrich's work extends into the crypto space and his artworks have been sold as NFTs and have commanded significant value in this emerging marketplace. His work, prominently featured in numerous articles and books dedicated to digital art, has also resonated widely, earning him a considerable fan base.

Recognized as a staple in the digital art community, Dämmrich continues to explore and expand upon his craft, further establishing his footprint in the digital art world and influencing its future trajectory.