Maciej Kuciara Reflects on Nascent

Over the past decade, I've seen Ash Thorp's influence resonate deeply within the art and design community. His unwavering commitment to perfection and refusal to take shortcuts has turned him into a lighthouse of inspiration. Ash's work is always pushing the envelope, and this momentum is poignantly embodied in his latest endeavor, the Nascent series.

Ash's ability to transform a concept into an engaging, thought-provoking work of art is not just remarkable; it's a testament to his visionary approach. As a friend and an admirer, it's a privilege to reflect on Ash's extraordinary influence in the world of design and artistry. His relentless dedication, striking creativity, and tangible impact on artists of all generations speak volumes about his character and are evident in every piece he crafts. Ash Thorp isn't merely a designer or director; he's a true beacon in our ever-evolving artistic landscape, inspiring and guiding us all.

About the Author

Maciej Kuciara is a Polish director and artist based in California. His two decades of design and art expertise served in blockbuster films from every major Hollywood studio. Maciej's work has been exhibited at Times Square and Art Basel Miami and sold at Christie's and Phillips auctions.

Maciej is also a co-founder of, a web-3 films and shorts startup.