Gavin Rothery Reflects on Nascent

When describing the work of a fellow artist, it is always tempting to dive into the art world that has come before us to frame a reference. I could talk about how Thorp’s work embodies aspects of legends that have come before, such as Gustav Klimt and H. R. Giger. But, for me, none of these references paints a satisfying or complete picture of this polymath.

The greats that came before us had to master the paintbrush. Oils, pastels, gouache. We live in a new age, where the pixel is the primary medium. In this space, Thorp has undoubtedly proven himself to be a master. From Motion Graphics to automotive concept design, his work is always fresh and clean. It has a sharp precision. It cuts deep.

The history of art historically tends to reveal those truly of note once their time has passed. But looking around the contemporary landscape of digital art, it is already clear to me that Thorp is going to be remembered.

About the Author

Gavin Rothery is a concept artist/writer/director specializing in Science Fiction.

Originally an illustrator and comic artist, Rothery has been working in the games industry since 1996. Through graphic design and visual effects work, this led into advertising and then film. He was responsible for the co-creation and design of the 2009 movie "Moon" with director Duncan Jones. Recent work includes ongoing starship designs for the computer game "Star Citizen" and the completion of his feature film writing and directing debut "Archive."