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Nascent consists of fifteen unique diptychs and an open-edition NFT theatrical performance starring “Happiness Pills.”

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Happiness Pills are available on OpenSea.


Nascent Diptychs


The diptychs explore a world that has entered a mental game of information roulette, involving high stakes and high risks with technology, emphasizing its power in shaping our perceived reality. Through thought-provoking visuals and layered symbolism, Thorp’s Nascent Series serves as a mirror that reveals the complex interplay between digital consumption and true happiness.


Below, the first 5 diptychs in the series.

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Happiness Pills

It is well-studied that when we view violent and pornographic content online, our bodies release dopamine.

Thorp’s pills riff on this science by cracking open to deliver physical chemicals through a virtual subliminal interface: the first-ever NFT drug.

This show contained a unique transformation aspect. Owners of the pills faced a consumer-extendable window of time to transform their pill into an inner transformation pill. Transformation pill holders additionally receive source assets to make your own happiness pills.

Take a hit below. Be happy.

  • "I see the film grain, the subsurface scattering spreading light inside of pill shells and deliberately placed compression artifacts filling the void. It makes me feel, see and think a million good things. That's why I love Ash's art."

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    Cornelius Dämmrich

  • "Thorp’s mastery of his craft functions on its surface as a gateway to existential dread, to be sure, but it also points towards transcendence."

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    Adam Levine
    Director & CEO,
    Toledo Museum of Art

  • "Ash Thorp isn't merely a designer or director; he's a true beacon in our ever-evolving artistic landscape, inspiring and guiding us all."

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    Maciej Kuciara
    Director, Artist,

  • "Ash Thorp is one of the most talented, driven and prolific digital artists in the world and is truly the gold standard of craft and execution in the medium."

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  • "Ash’s work has been one the most very bright lights over the last decade in the digital art space."

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    Raoul Marks
    2x Emmy-winning Animator, Artist

  • "His large body of work which spans across various digital mediums always has incredible attention to detail and meticulously crafted visuals loaded with hidden meanings and personal narratives."

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    Christoffer Bjerre
    Director, Designer

  • "We live in a new age, where the pixel is the primary medium. In this space, Thorp has undoubtedly proven himself to be a master."

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    Gavin Rothery
    Concept Artist, Writer, Director

  • "It’s only when we take a closer look and understand what we’re really looking at that the pleasure turns into questioning introspection."

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    Debbie Ross
    Founder Hydra Studios

  • "Codes and puzzles are a prevalent feature in Thorp’s work, and like the contents offered up by the happiness pills, each riddle that we solve, each visual cue we resolve in turn rewards us with an instant hit of dopamine."

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    Sunny Cheung
    M+ Museum Hong Kong

  • "By presenting happiness as a commodity, Thorp provokes us to ponder our own perceptions of fulfillment in a digitized reality."

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    Vitaly Bulgarov
    Co-Founder Cold Symmetry

  • "His work resonates because we can feel that these efforts are not a selfish pursuit. He has put in the work so that he can better share with us all."

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    Anthony Scott Burns
    Filmmaker, VFX Artist, Musician

  • "Ash's compelling visuals serve as catalysts for contemplation on our society's growing symbiosis with technology, the future of our identities, and the very definition of happiness."

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    Maxim Zhestov

  • "A wondrous experience at the cross-roads of aesthetic bliss and mortality."

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    Mad Dog Jones

  • "His dystopian style and attention to detail have inspired artists of many disciplines and generations - making him a true leader in the design community and always one to watch."

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    Danny Yount
    2x Emmy-winning Designer, Director


A look at Thorp’s professional reel
Ash Thorp is a contemporary digital designer and fine artist who lives in California.

Ash Thorp is a contemporary digital designer and fine artist who lives in California.

Since 2021, Ash's NFT artworks have been auctioned through Christies. Additionally, Castello di Rivoli recently featured Ash's work in a tour of BEEPLE's "Human One," organized in part by Ryan Zurrer and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev from Castello.

Over the last decade, Thorp has emerged as Hollywood’s leading digital designer. His works have been featured in a multitude of high profile films, spanning from Ender’s Game in 2014 to his most recent design work on the new Batmobile in the 2022 release of The Batman.

With a background in both traditional and digital art, Thorp proficiently applies a wide range of techniques to construct the most hyperrealist animations and renders of art. The line of reality is effectively blurred in his work, leaving us perplexed, and in a state of wonder as to whether we're looking at something physically real or computer generated.



There are 10 types of pills.

8 base pill variants were originally created: Temptation Pill (sex), Validation Pill (social media), Exhilaration Pill (drugs), Consumption Pill (food), Domination Pill (guns), Obsession Pill (money), Devotion Pill (religion) and Innovation Pill (technology).

The 9th pill -- the gold “Elation” Pill -- were not for sale, but made available to set collectors.

The 10th pill (Transformation) came during the exchange phase of the show. Owners of the pills faced a consumer-extendable window of time to transform their pill into an inner transformation pill. Transformation pill holders additionally receive source assets to make your own happiness pills.


The sale was an open edition and took place over a period of three days: June 27 - 30, 2023. 1049 pills were sold during this window. The size of the collection is now set at 1049.


A set includes all 8 pill variants plus the 9th “Elation” Pill, only available to set collectors.


The 9th pill is the gold “Elation” Pill. Elation Pills are only available to set collectors.


You can purchase a set through Diptych collectors receive a complete set with purchase.


A diptych is an artwork consisting of two distinct panels. The sale includes five of the fifteen diptychs that make up the entirety of the Nascent Series: Balaclava, Bliss, Consume, Following, and Climax. Each diptych has the dimensions of 2888 x 14440 and a duration of 24 seconds.


Diptychs can be bought directly through or through contacting us at


The pills and diptychs are both digital, however, as a purchaser you have the right to 2D print the artwork for your personal display and use.


The 10th, and final, “Transformation” Pill comes with the rights- and source files- to create a derivative and to fabricate this derivative as a 2D or 3D work. Derivatives can be used for personal use, as well as commercial use (some limitations apply). It’s a chance to think about what happiness means to you. We are excited to see what you create!