Vitaly Bulgarov Reflects on Nascent

In the 'Nascent Series', Ash Thorp grapples with the paradox of our interconnected world. By pairing stark reality with digital fantasy, he invites viewers to contemplate their own digital consumption and its impact on their search for happiness."

"Through the 'Nascent Series', Ash Thorp unravels the complexities of our digital existence. Encouraging introspection and choice, the series compels us to reflect on our relationship with the ever-evolving digital landscape."

"Ash Thorp's 'Nascent Series' offers a compelling critique of our tech-dependent era. By presenting happiness as a commodity, Thorp provokes us to ponder our own perceptions of fulfillment in a digitized reality.

About the Author

Vitaly Bulgarov is co-founder, co-director of the game studio Cold Symmetry, responsible for creating a critically acclaimed, award winning game Mortal Shell.

He's worked over the years as concept-designer and art-director, creator of blockbuster sci-fi character designs for films ( Ghost In The Shell(2017), Battle Angel Alita (2019), Transformers IV, Robocop (2014), Terminator Genisys, etc.), games (Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, World Of Warcraft) and the designer of the world's first ever 4m tall Mecha Suit - Method 2 (Hankook Mirae Technology) as well as contributor to the industrial designs of the Boston Dynamics’ robots.