Ash Thorp: Nascent Series - One Sheet

Key Points

  • Who: Ash Thorp,

  • What: “Nascent Series”
    • Diptychs: 15 unique diptychs

    • Happiness Pills: Open edition (8 pill variants + bonus)

  • When: June 27th, 12 PM ET

  • Where: Online sale exclusively on

Sale Details

  • Diptychs
    • Works Offered: Climax, Consume, Bliss, Balaclava, and Following

    • Edition: Single Edition

    • Price: Upon request

  • Happiness Pills
    • Works Offered: 8 pill variants: Temptation (Sex), Exhilaration (Drugs), Consumption (Food), Validation (Social Media), Domination (Guns), Obsession (Money), Devotion (Religion), and Innovation (Technology).

    • Edition: Open Edition

    • Price: $88 per pill

  • Happiness Pill Sets
    • Works Offered: Set collectors given all 8 pill variants plus a 9th bonus pill
      • Elation: 9th bonus pill exclusively for set collectors

    • Edition: Open Edition
      • Pre-orders for “Pill Sets” allow for integrity of editioning

    • Price: $688 per set

Concept: A Drama in Four Acts

  • Sale conceived as 4 act "theatrical" performance

  • Act 1 and Act 2: Buy and Consume

  • Act 3 and Act 4: Decision to be made by buyer; details to be revealed


  • Purchases can be made with a credit card or Ethereum

Smart Contract Dynamics

  • Format: NFT

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

  • Token Standard: ERC-721

  • Operator Filter Registry: enabled for resale royalties
    • All works can be resold

    • Resale royalty is set at 10%


  • All works are the sole intellectual property of Ash Thorp

  • Prints: collectors are granted the right to print their works for personal use
    • Printed works are strictly for non-commercial use only

    • Printed works cannot be resold

  • Files: At the end of show, collectors are granted the rights to happiness pill source files to create their own happiness pills for non-commercial use

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