For a Limited Time

Siebren Versteeg

Siebren Versteeg and Arsnl Art present the NFT experience of a lifetime.

Versteeg’s algorithms generate painterly collages that transform images of current events into works that are erotic, prophetic, sometimes terrifying, often humorous and always revelatory.


A year long social experiment, a new work is created every 10 to 15 minutes using trending stories scraped from the internet as source material. Each work will only exist "for a limited time" before being replaced by the next.


If a collector can’t bear to see the moment go, they can claim the work, cementing the art and their personal connection with time onto the blockchain. About 35,000 artworks will be generated, of which only 750 can be "saved" or "curated" by collectors at their choosing over the course of the year.

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Live feed of new claimable moments being created

How to claim your moment:

Purchase a claiming right

First you need an empty canvas. Each empty canvas gives you a right to claim a moment.


Claim your moment

You have one year to convert their empty canvas into a unique 1/1 generative artwork of your choosing.

You have one year to claim.
Purchase an empty canvas to get ready.
Choose what strikes you!
You cannot undo your claim.

Claimable Moments - Power Mode

Claim Period Ends
MARCH 13, 2024.
750 Canvases 0 Claimed 750 Remain
750 Canvases: 0 Claimed, 750 Remain

Claimed Moments



Siebren Versteeg (1971) is a pioneer of algorithmic generative art.

Heralded by Vulture as “chaotic but illuminating”, the magazine declared Versteeg the idol of “every Harry Potter-loving / Hackers-watching / anti-capitalist computer geek.” His critically acclaimed works mine our digital consciousness to create something new and unsettling in the form of paintings and sculptures. His works have been included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, among many others. Versteeg is represented by bitforms gallery.

Blast from the past: "In his 2008 work, Double Hung, artist Siebren Versteeg presents a split touch screen condensing a field of images—from stock photographs, to advertisements, to celebrity cut outs—that visitors can scroll across endlessly." ~Whitney Museum of American Art



Once. Each empty canvas lets you claim one moment. If you wish to claimed another moment, you will need another empty canvas.


It is an ERC721 token whose metadata (visual image, description and attributes) will be updated with the moment selected by the owner during the course of the year.


The empty canvas will remain in your possession, but all empty canvases after the one year cutoff time will no longer be claimable.


Yes! You have the right to create prints of the artwork utilizing the high-resolution file linked in the metadata of this NFT. You can find this in place like the description section on OpenSea. Please note that there may be differences between the Artwork and the printing file, as adjustments were made to optimize the printing process. The prints of the Artwork are “Prints.” Prints may be created solely for your own personal, non-commercial use and may not be gifted, sold, or transferred or otherwise used or exploited except as permitted in section 2(b) below.