For a Limited Time - One Sheet

ARSNL and generative artist Siebren Versteeg seek the curious NFT collectors of our era to leave their generative mark in time.

Key Points
  • Who: Siebren Versteeg

  • What: For a Limited Time
    • Concept: Unique generative “news art” sourced from trending stories scraped from the Internet and curated by collectors

    • Tokens: 750 unique works (720 for public sale / 30 withheld for artist and promotional purposes)

    • Price: $300 (approx. 0.18 eth)

  • Where:

  • Claim Duration: One calendar year

  • Primary sale exclusively on

  • Collectors purchase an “empty canvas”, that gives its owner the right to claim a generative artwork / moment.

  • Limited to 10 works per wallet during presale


  • Purchases can be made with a credit card or Ethereum

  • During primary sale, wallets that purchase 10 or more works will be gifted an additional “empty canvas”.

Claiming a moment
  • Collectors have one year to convert their empty canvas into a unique 1/1 generative moment of their choosing from

  • All empty canvases not converted after the one year cutoff time will no longer be claimable

Smart Contract Dynamics
  • Format: NFT

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

  • Token Standard: ERC-721

  • Operator Filter Registry: enabled for resale royalties
    • All works can be resold

    • Resale royalty is set at 10%

  • All works are the sole intellectual property of Siebren Versteeg

  • Prints: collectors are granted the right to print their works for personal use
    • Printed works are strictly for non-commercial use only

    • Printed works cannot be resold

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